2013 Conference

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Papers by Author
Bedford, T. Initial approaches to studying by open access university students: implications for program curriculum and delivery
Black, M. Investigating literacy cultural capital, academic achievement and socio-economic status among first year university students
Bookallil, C. & Rolfe, J. Flexibility in Enabling education: The equity/efficiency trade-off
Boyle, S. & Abdullah, A. Identifying factors that motivate re-engagement with education
Bunn, R. “I wanted to prove I had a brain ... and give my life a purpose” - Preliminary analysis of survey responses of former Open Foundation students on their lives before, during and after completing the program
Burgess, C. & Relf, B. A flexible response: Monitoring the performance of enabling students in first year undergraduate nursing
Christensen, J. When knowledge ‘clicks’: Facilitating a flexible classroom through the use of in-class technology
Clarke, J. Transformative learning development as a basis for maximising the impact of critical thinking as a core element of enabling curricula
Delly, P. Pathways, diversity and academic skills: Bourdieu and 2nd year VET articulants
Ephraums, R. & Khan, H. Needs-based mentoring: A dynamic approach to engaging students from refugee backgrounds
Goode, E. Encouraging engagement and enhancing student experience: can an online orientation help?
Bremner, M., Heemi, D. & Smithies, S. Connecting a community: Education and community building in the Auburn community of schools
Hunt, J. & Christensen, J. Views from the top: Academic staff views on engaging students in learning
Gray, K. & Irwin, E. Pathways to social inclusion: The participation of refugee students in higher education
James, T. Successfully transitioning to university: The influence of self-efficacy
Jarvis, L., Harris, M. & Johnson, P. A Pipe Dream? Cost-effective support for enabling students studying online
Judith, K. & Bull, D. The opportunities and challenges for enabling education: implementing Open Educational Practices (OEP)
May, J. & Bunn, R. 1974-1976: the seeds of flexibility in the pathway to tertiary participation at University of Newcastle, NSW
Morrison, G. Enabling connections and persistence in a distributed learning community
Orth, G. & Robinson, C. Do potentially successful students in tertiary enabling programs have any common characteristics that underpin resilience and persistence? If so, how can this information help future enabling students?
Penno, J. & Kerridge, A. Is there room for everybody?
Powter, D. Lectures and tutorials: Lessons for engaging enabling students and the potential benefits.
Shah, M. Correlation or causality: Raising equity aspirations in the emergence of quality agenda
Te Rore, C. An evaluation of Kaupapa Maori art curriculum for tangata whaiora, Gisborne
Turley, D., Dowdy, S. &McHenry, L. Moving beyond aspiration to achievement: Outreach activities in disadvantaged northern Adelaide region
Westrenius, A. Integrating management theory and academic skills to empower enabling students – a practical approach