2013 Symposium

The University of Southern Queensland hosted the 2013 Enabling Educators Symposium on 26 June.

The symposium provided attendees an opportunity to network with enabling education colleagues from a range of higher education provider organisations, to present brief sessions on recent developments and/or issues in enabling education at their organisation, and to participate in a workshops on enabling education topics of mutual interest.

The presentations:

Presenter Presentation

Dr Sue Muloin
Griffith University

Ms Sandie Bridgland
Queensland University of Technology

 Pathways into University, Resources for Adult Learners
Dr Kerry Rutter
Dr Kelly Chambers
Dr Suzi Hellmundt
Ms Derika Frost

University of the Sunshine Coast
 Towards Blended Learning
Dr Susan Hopkins
University of Southern Queensland
 Flexibility, Facebook and Fast Tracking Tertiary Preparation
Mr George Morrison
University of Southern Queensland
 Developing persistence with study
Dr Kaye Price
Centre for Australian Indigenous Knowledges
University of Southern Queensland
Towards flexibility in delivering enabling pathway programs: distance and blended modes
Dr Mahsood Shah
University of Newcastle
 Measuring and Monitoring the Success of Enabling Programs