Whats happening in enabling education:

The lastest newsletter: NAEEA 2017 Newsletter edition 6

Proposed Reforms to Enabling

Higher Education Reform Package – see pages 22-26 for new arrangements for enabling courses

NAEEA Press Release – Monday 8 May

Article in the Conversation

Summary of proposed legislative changes

2017 NAEEA Biennial Conference

The conference will be held in their new building to be opened in Semester 1, 2017. The campus is within walking distance of the Gold Coast Airport and in close proximity to beachside accommodation.

About The National Association of Enabling Educators of Australia Inc.

The NAEEA is an association of enabling educators and practitioners established as a collective of like-minded professionals and institutions for the purpose of collaborating on issues of common interest and relevance to enabling education.

The NAEEA has grown out of two decades of networking of enabling educators from regular conferences and events both here in Australia and in New Zealand. The NAEEA is closely affiliated with FABENZ (Foundation and Bridging Educators of New Zealand).