The NAEAA has similar aims and objectives to several other institutional associations.


Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education
Situated within the University of Newcastle, the Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education is a site of innovative research and practice, brought together in critical thought to generate transformative impact for equity in and beyond higher education.


Foundation and Bridging Educators of New Zealand (FABENZ)

FABENZ is an incorporated Society that aims to widen access, encourage and promote successful participation in tertiary education for people who have previously not achieved in the New Zealand education system.


Forum for Access and Continuing Education (FACE)

FACE aims to facilitate – through avenues such as conferences, seminars, workshops and publications – the exchange and dissemination of information and practice to encourage continuing education and lifelong learning between practitioners and providers.


European Access Network (EAN)

Access, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion ‚Äď The four pillars of the EAN. The EAN is the only European-wide, non-governmental organisation for widening participation in higher education.


Council for Opportunity in Education (COE)
The Council for Opportunity in Education is a non-profit organisation dedicated to furthering the expansion of college opportunities for low income, first-generation students, veterans and students with disabilities throughout the United States of America.


National College Access Network (NCAN)

 The National College Access Network is a unique and experienced resource for organisations that help underrepresented middle and high school students aspire to, apply to, enter and succeed in college in the United States of America.