2020 - Symposium

 National Association of Enabling Educators of Australia (NAEEA) hosted a 2-day free On-line Symposium on 11th and 12th December 2020. Facilitated by Dr Sarah Hattam and Dr Anthea Fudge (University of South Australia).

This event provided the opportunity for a collective ‘sigh’ as we come to the end of a tumultuous 2020 that impacted our sector in a multitude of ways.

Across the two-days, we considered: What is the future of enabling education in Australia?

In the spirit of Q & A, our symposium featured 4 panel sessions. Each was hosted by experts, friends and champions of equity in higher education.

  •  ‘To AQF or not AQF? Constraints and Opportunities for Enabling Programs’ – Panel Chair, Professor Sally Kift (watch panel discussion HERE)
  • ‘Where to from here? Bracing for impacts of the Job-Ready Graduates Package’ – Panel Chair, Associate Professor Nadine Zacharias (watch panel discussion HERE)
  • ‘F2F or digital connection: can enabling pedagogy transform the virtual learning experience?’ – Panel Chair, Dr Anna Bennett (watch panel discussion HERE)

We also heard from students in our enabling programs with a panel session on:

  • ‘The hidden benefits of enabling education: a letter to our Prime Minister’ – Panel Chair, Alumni Enabling Student Matthew Bowden (watch panel discussion HERE)
2018 - Symposium


The University of Newcastle (UON) hosted the 2018 NAEEA Symposium on September 27th and 28th. Delegates and panellists came from across Australia, representing 16 universities. Over two days, participants heard from enabling educators, equity practitioners, and opinion leaders: including representatives from the NAEEA executive, the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE), Equity Practitioners in Higher Education Australasia (EPHEA), La Trobe’s Centre for Higher Education Equity and Development Research (CHEEDR) and UON’s Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education (CEEHE). Panels (as shown below), themed around policy, practice, and research and evaluation, focused discussion on what matters to enabling educators and students. The final session, aimed at representing the diversity of voices and opinions at the symposium, produced a set of principles to guide the NAEEA Executive going forward in their efforts to support the enabling sector and to inform higher education policy.



What Matters for Future Enabling Policy

·        A/Prof Andrew Harvey (Director, CHEEDR, La Trobe University)

·        Dr Nadine Zacharias (Senior Research Fellow, NCSEHE)

·        Prof Penny Jane Burke (Global Innovation Chair & Director, CEEHE, UON)

·        Karen Seary (NAEEA Chair/Associate Dean, School of Access Education, CQUniversity)

·        Gabrielle O’Brien (EPHEA President/Manager, Student Diversity and Inclusion, Griffith University)


Enabling Philosophies & Practices that Matter to Students & Educators

·        Jenny Stokes (NAEEA Exec/Lecturer, UniSA College)

·        Dr Lyn Vernon (Research Fellow, NCSEHE)

·        Cathy Burgess (Program Convenor, UONPrep, ELFSC, UON)

·        Dr Sharlene Leroy-Dyer (Program Convenor, Yapug, ELFSC, UON)

·        Dr Emma Hamilton (Program Convenor, Open Foundation Online, ELFSC, UON)


Why Research & Evaluation Matter to Enabling Education

·        Prof Penny Jane Burke (Global Innovation Chair & Director, CEEHE, UON)

·        Dr Anna Bennett (NAEEA Exec/Head of Research, ELFSC & Equity Research Fellow, CEEHE, UON)

·        Matt Lumb (Praxis Fellow, CEEHE, UON)

·        Dr Suzi Syme (NAEEA Exec/Director, Teaching and Learning, SCU College)

·        Dr Julie Willans (Senior Lecturer, School of Access Education, CQUniversity)


Making Sense of What Matters to Enabling Staff and Students

·        A/Prof Seamus Fagan (Director, ELFSC, UON)

·        Dr Jo Hanley (Research Manager, ELFSC, UON)

·        Delegates

2015 - Symposium

The 5th Enabling Educators Symposium was held on July 8 at the University of Southern Queensland,
Ipswich Campus .

The theme for this symposium was “Developing Academic Literacies“.


The presentations:

Kelly Chambers and Marguerite Westacott
University of the Sunshine Coast
 Round Table Discussion: Digital futures at NAEEA Symposium
Susan Hopkins
University of Southern Queensland
 Enabling Prison Education: Overcoming Barriers Faced by Incarcerated Students
Kelly Chambers
University of the Sunshine Coast
 Creating a Future: The imagining futures with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
Chris Cook
I had fun, as did my whole family: Contextualising academic literacies in technical writ
George Morrison
University of Southern Queensland
Enabling successful persistence with study: Developing Academic Literacies
Jenny McDougall
Review All Options Carefully!: A framework for teaching information literacy in an enabling program
Sally Baker and Evonne Irwin
University of Newcastle
Left, right and centre: The positioning of language and literacies in enabling education programs in Australia
Wendy Ward
Editing Toolbox: Empowering students to proofread and polish their academic writing
2014 - Symposium

The 4th Enabling Educators Symposium was held on June 25 at the Bundaberg Campus of CQ University.

The theme for this symposium was “Innovation”.

The presentations:

Presenter Presentation
Chris Cook
All Online – From Testing to Completion (Cook 2014)[1]
Naomi Ryan
Career Development Practitioner
Open Access College, USQ
Tertiary Preparation Program Intensive Pathway
Geoff Parkes
University of Southern Queensland
 Crossing the Digital Ddivide
Ross Skinner, Bronwyn McFarlane, Bronwyn Fredericks, Pamela Croft, Sandra Creamer and Julie Mann
 Indigenous Australian students in enabling program TEP
Karen Seary
Overview Skills for Tertiary Education Preparatory Studies Program
David Bull
Open Access College
Overview of Tertiary Perparation Program
Dr Kerry Rutter
University of the Sunshine Coast
Overview Tertiary Preparation Pathway USC
Marguerite Westacott and Kelly Chambers
University of the Sunshine Coast
Student Voices on the soap box
Ross Skinner, Bronwyn McFarlane, Bronwyn Fredericks, Pamela Croft, Sandra Creamer and Julie Mann
TEP Overview
David Bull, Lynn Jarvis  National Asociation of Enabling Educators of Australia Update


2013 - Symposium

The University of Southern Queensland hosted the 2013 Enabling Educators Symposium on 26 June.

The symposium provided attendees an opportunity to network with enabling education colleagues from a range of higher education provider organisations, to present brief sessions on recent developments and/or issues in enabling education at their organisation, and to participate in a workshops on enabling education topics of mutual interest.


The presentations:

Presenter Presentation

Dr Sue Muloin
Griffith University

Ms Sandie Bridgland
Queensland University of Technology

 Pathways into University, Resources for Adult Learners
Dr Kerry Rutter
Dr Kelly Chambers
Dr Suzi Hellmundt
Ms Derika Frost

University of the Sunshine Coast
 Towards Blended Learning
Dr Susan Hopkins
University of Southern Queensland
 Flexibility, Facebook and Fast Tracking Tertiary Preparation
Mr George Morrison
University of Southern Queensland
 Developing persistence with study
Dr Kaye Price
Centre for Australian Indigenous Knowledges
University of Southern Queensland
Towards flexibility in delivering enabling pathway programs: distance and blended modes
Dr Mahsood Shah
University of Newcastle
 Measuring and Monitoring the Success of Enabling Programs