• International Studies in Widening Participation journal

    10/08/2020 - The International Studies in Widening Participation journal has now published vol 1 papers.

  • Relf, B., Crawford, N., O‚ÄôRourke, J., Sharp, S., Hodges, B., Shah, M., & Barnes, R. K. – Lighting the pathway

    01/01/2017 - Relf, B., Crawford, N., O’Rourke, J., Sharp, S., Hodges, B., Shah, M., & Barnes, R. K. (2017). Lighting the path(way): Articulating curriculum design principles for open access enabling programs. Sydney: Office of Learning and Teaching, Department of Educaiton.

  • Exploring the Experience of Low-SES Students via Enabling Pathways

    21/11/2016 -  Dr Chad Habel, Dr Kirsty Whitman (University of Adelaide) & Jennifer Stokes (University of South Australia)

  • Pathways To Higher Education: The Efficacy Of Enabling And Sub-Bachelor Pathways For Disadvantaged Students

    01/06/2016 - Report for the Australian Government, Department of Education and Training

  • Baker, S. & Irwin, E., (2015). Enabling Programs Typology

    25/11/2015 -

  • Enabling retention: processes and strategies for improving student retention in university-based enabling programs

    01/01/2013 - Barry Hodges, Tasman Bedford, Jane Hartley, Chris Klinger, Neil Murray, John O’Rouke, Neville Schofield  The University of Newcastle  2013

  • Selected sections from the unpublished EIP report investigating The Cost and Effectiveness of Enabling and Related Programs In Australian Tertiary Education (2000)

    01/09/2000 - Author/s: John Clarke, David Bull, Cameron Neil, Lyn Turner, Damian Birney