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Welcome to NAEEA


The National Association of Enabling Educators of Australia represents enabling educators and practitioners from across the country for the purpose of collaborating on issues of common interest and relevance to enable education and the students whose lives are changed through access to tertiary education.

O U R   M E M B E R S   S A Y

For me, NAEEA is the best way to engage with my fellow education professionals and academics. Together, we advance our cause of lifelong, transformative learning, widening participation, social justice, inclusivity and diversity in education.

Karen Seary

Associate Dean, School of Access Education Tertiary Education Division
CQ University Australia

It is an absolute privilege to work in enabling education and see people completely transforming their lives as they realise their dreams of a university education and fulfil their potential.

Dr Suzi Syme

Senior Lecturer, College Director of Teaching and Learning
Academic Coordinator of the PSP

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S T U D E N T   S T O R I E S

STEPS is the founding reason I am where I am, and am who I am, today. Kristie-Lee completed grade 12 with average grades and was sure that university wasn’t for her; instead she pursued a trade in hairdressing.During her late teens, Kristie-Lee found herself in a very low place in life. She had lost all self-respect, self-confidence and purpose but with help from her family, she was able to find a level of stability to continue with life.

Kristie-Lee Alfrey

Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)

I'd like to thank you for your support and guidance in foundation studies. I'm extremely excited to tell you that I've been accepted into my preferred [undergraduate] course. I'm looking forward to my future studies and appreciate everything that you've taught me and the extra time you gave to ensure I had the best opportunity to succeed. I'm excited to keep in touch and see you around campus.

Brooklyn Harrison-Roser

Student at Southern Cross University

When asked to write a testimonial for the STEPS course, PhD candidate Doreen Canoy did not hesitate. Eager to convey her firsthand experience of STEPS and how instrumental this course was to her individual, professional and personal growth...

Doreen Canoy

Clinical Psychologist

I was working full time, had my daughter and didn’t feel like there was anything further in terms of career progression. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy my work at the time, it just wasn’t enough. I made an appointment to chat to the University staff and discovered UniSA College. When I started, I noticed how supportive all of the staff was. Nothing was ever too hard, and everyone made themselves available to help. The teaching staff were so encouraging and were willing to do anything to ensure that you did well. It felt like a little family.

Belinda Cardozo

Studied a Diploma in Health, now in a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (honours)

I chose the PSP course to help boost my confidence and set me up to be successful at university. As a result, I walked into my first semester confident in my abilities to achieve and excited at the prospect of my university degree, rather than dreading an unknown.

Holly Millican

Masters in Education at Southern Cross University.

I’d heard about the Preparing for Success Program. I was accepted and worked hard. For the first time in my life I received good grades and it felt so good. I started to believe that I was not only capable of university, but with hard work, I may actually excel at this.

Jordan Ivey

Honours Degree at Southern Cross University

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