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Lighting the pathway

Relf, B., Crawford, N., O’Rourke, J., Sharp, S., Hodges, B., Shah, M., & Barnes, R. K. (2017). Lighting the path(way): Articulating curriculum design principles for open access enabling programs. Sydney: Office of Learning and Teaching, Department of Educaiton. Retrieved from

Exploring the Experience of Low-SES Students via Enabling Pathways

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 Dr Chad Habel, Dr Kirsty Whitman (University of Adelaide) & Jennifer Stokes (University of South Australia)

Enabling retention: processes and strategies for improving student retention in university-based enabling programs

 Barry Hodges, Tasman Bedford, Jane Hartley, Chris Klinger, Neil Murray, John O’Rouke, Neville Schofield
 The University of Newcastle
Final report  (PDF, 2.83 MB)
External evaluation report  (PDF ,243.7 KB)

Selected sections from the unpublished EIP report investigating The Cost and Effectiveness of Enabling and Related Programs In Australian Tertiary Education (2000)

 John Clarke, David Bull, Cameron Neil, Lyn Turner, Damian Birney
Report (PDF, 2.6 MB)

Pathways To Higher Education: The Efficacy Of Enabling And Sub-Bachelor Pathways For Disadvantaged Students

Report for the Australian Government, Department of Education and Training

The NCSEHE report: ‘Pathways to Higher Education – The Efficacy of Enabling and Sub-Bachelor Pathways for Disadvantaged Students


The International Studies in Widening Participation journal has now published vol 1 papers.
The papers for vol 1 can be found at:



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